About Us



We are a social support group for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTIQ) people and their family and friends, living in the Albury-Wodonga region.

The group organises events to connect local people and provide a safe space, especially for those new to the LGBTIQ community.


  • Increase acceptance and tolerance of the LGBTIQ community
  • Be a resource and contact point for members of the LGBTIQ community
  • Raise the profile of the group in a positive manner.
  • Promotes health-based messages specific to the LGBTIQ community and to its members.


Our members come from all walks of life and all ages, from young adult to senior people. Become a member today.
Membership includes:

  • Singles, couples, and families.
  • People who have lived a heterosexual life before coming to terms with their sexuality,
  • People who have always known they were gay.
  • Some who just want to support their LGBTIQ friends and family.

Hume Phoenix is an all inclusive group and welcomes anyone to become a member who is supportive of our community.

As a volunteer community group, we rely on the funding support from membership as well funding from agencies when available.
We use this to provide services for the community.

We organise regular events that you can see on our Facebook page (to the right). Become part of it all and join events and suggest events to our committee.

We have a directory of local organisations, businesses, and groups who support the LGBTIQ community. Suggest additions to the directory.

    Hume Phoenix