The 2014/15 committee

The group is run by a committee of volunteers, for 2013-2014, they are:

  • Female convenor – Toni Johnson
  • General Members – Mark Green, Melonie Smith, Cathy Prior, Bill Williams
  • Male convenor – Sebastien France
  • Public officer –
  • Secretary – Carolyn Ridley
  • Treasurer – Andrea Pearce

Vacant positions may be filled throughout the year by members willing to take an ‘Acting’ position, until and AGM or extraudinary AGM.

Our annual general meeting (AGM) is held in August each year and any financial member may stand to be elected to the committee.

We have monthly general meetings, to which everyone is welcome to attend.

For more information about joining the committee  contact us.

Annual General Meeting and voting forms

Hume Phoenix’s Annual General Meeting is coming up on the 16th of August. Here is a link to the voting forms, fill them in with your preferences for the next years round of committee members and send them in to our PO Box or hand them in person to one of our committee members at one of our events.

A description of the committee positions can be found here

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