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Duty statements: Interested committee members for 2015-2016 - Duty Statement: Committee Convener Male & Female   Statutory duties are given in bold type Governance Provide leadership to the organisation   Ensure compliance with the associations code of conduct   Ensure [in partnership with the Committee] that the organisation’s
Kate Duffy: homosexual relationships are just as likely to suffer domestic violence as any other group. Picture: MATTHEW SMITHWICK Domestic violence an issue for gays and straights - [Border Mail, Feb 20 2011] PEOPLE in same-sex and transgender relationships are just as likely to be victims of domestic abuse as those in heterosexual relationships, a Sydney solicitor said at the weekend. But Kate Duffy, solicitor and safe relationships
New 2013-14 Committee appointed - The new committee was appointed for 2013-2014, they are: Female convenor – Toni Johnson General Members – Jess King, Kate Napper, Megan-Marie Hall, Prue Atkin and Stephanie Louise Meachen Male convenor – Sebastien France Public officer – Naree Burkitt Secretary – Kelly

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